Versione con carte di Tangram, un gioco antico proveniente dalla Cina e basato sulla scomposizione di un quadrato in 7 forme geometriche: quante figure sei in grado di comporre?
Age: 6+
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Notes Tangram is an ancient game from China and based on the decomposition of a square in 7 geometric shapes. You can create countless pictures, using always all seven pieces, that must be positioned flat and never superimposed. In the card inside the package are reported many examples of figures available, leaving even the imagination and creativity of the player.
Code 053533
Weight Kg 0.9000
Material wood
Content Base of the game 26.5x20x2 cm. in wood, wooden weaving Tangram, 1 deck of cards with figures to be dialed and related solutions
Size 31x 23x 5cm
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