Newton's Laws: Inertia, Momentum, Kinetic and Potential Energy

Engino Discovering Stem set Engino 'Newton's Laws' to build working models such as a ballistic catapult, a gravity fan, a collision car, a moving cabin, a balloon powered plane and a dragster. You can find easy-to-follow building instructions for all models either online or in the booklet included.
Age: 8+
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Notes Learn all about Newton's law of motion which are the basis of classical mechanics that still describe most everyday life situations. Experiment with kinetic and potential energy in order to discover the properties of energy and how it is transformed from one form to the other. 7 printed instructions, 1 online instructions and 3D interactive instructions online for all models! This set includes an activity book with innovative experiments and detailed explanations of the different technological principles applied. Through hands-on activities, children become creative while also enhancing their knowledge in the particular subject. The book has been developed by qualified teachers and academics, following the latest pedagogical trends in STEM education. Chocking Hazard - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
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