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Dal Negro’s excellence is the care of his handcrafted products in wood, unique and prestigious. Box sets, chess boards, backgammon inlaid with the noblest types of wood as the briar root , quality gaming boxes made by our local artisans with whom we have been cooperating longer than 50 years.
Each step of the production run is carefully supervised , starting from the materials choice till the packaging. The wood selection is one of the top important steps so: the best wood for the best product
This is the excellence that has carried the name dal negro and the “ made in italy “ all over the world..

The playing cards to the heart of Dal Negro

The history of playing cards is made of beauty, curiosity, fantasy, memories of ancient times and places . Playing cards are evidence of ancient traditions and trends, and even of historical facts.
Dal Negro is historically known for the playing cards branded dal negro, masenghini and ntp. Throughout the years the artisan production was developed constantly by introducing new and appropriate technical solutions in order to guarantee quality and life of the playing cards. The tradition of the western “maitres cartiers” is exisiting longer than six centuries!

The printing process

the playing cards, both in paperboard and pvc, are printed close together on a single sheet after the printing process the sheet is coated with a special varnish layer. This gives the best colour brilliance, increases the lasting time and the smoothness of touch. The printed and varnished sheet is cut in vertical stripes. Then, as second step, the stripes are cut in single cards. As third step, the new deck passes through the corner rounding process.
At last, the deck is wrapped in cellophane and inserted into its box.